Company Profile

Company Profile

Connecting society through gear technology


GeaReal Co.,Ltd. brings new technologies and market competitiveness to machine manufacturers. We started our business with the idea of providing a stable business and an opportunity to maintain motivation for machine manufacturers and gear manufacturers which often have subcontracted and unstable operations.
We mainly do business with gears, which are one of the main components of various machines. As a specialist in gear technology and power transmission, we would like to be "the gear" of our customers' businesses.
We-GeaReal- works together with our customers/suppliers to plan, create, and deliver the gear products that our customers truly need, and through this method, we aim to contribute to a sustainable society in the future.

Company Profile

Company Name GeaReal Co., Ltd.
Founding year February 2019
Representative Hiroaki Morimoto, President
Address c/o KIP, 56 Naniwa-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo 650-0035, Japan
Main customers construction equipment manufacturers, automotive manufacturing industry, equipment industry, shipbuilding,Forestry, Agriculture, etc.
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Company History (Topics)

  • Established on February 21, 2019 with the support of opening a business in Hyogo Prefecture.
  • Our company received a subsidy from Hyogo Prefecture for entrepreneurs aiming to start a business or a second venture in fiscal year 2019.

Business concept

We'd like to assist machine suppliers to acquire new technologies and market-winning capabilities.

We'd like to assist gear suppliers to maintain stable business management and business motivation.

Realize these missions by using TQRDCE method.

What is TQRDCE?
  • Technology: Creating and realizing ideas with all concerned.
  • Quality: Verifying proper quality and sharing it with each other.
  • Responsiveness: We take care of the negotiating part for our customers.
  • Delivery: Anticipating information from equipment-related industry and economic trends to ensure stable orders and deliveries.
  • Cost: Guiding customers to the optimal manufacturing cost and selling price.
  • Environment: Proposal of the production environment for the next generation and in accordance with ISO standards.
Example(Improved with TQRDCE method.)
  • Development period of more than three months has become a month by supports.
  • Shortened processing time could be reduced the 30% parts cost.
  • It was release the products to market faster than other companies.

Our Products - Gears by GeaReal

GeaReal's products connect to customer and supplier with experience and technology.

  • We offer a wide range of gears, from 1 cm to over 2 m in size, and the latest technology to actually use them.
  • Various applications: such as for robots, factory equipment, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, toys, etc. (suppling amount per project : from several pieces to several thousand pieces per year)
  • We cooperate with gear and processing suppliers to provide products and technologies for best satisfication of our customers.

Gear Management

①Why GeaReal founded? (Current status of the mechanical industry)
  • The transition of technogy from the baby boomer generation has not been completed. Excessive or low quality products will be produced.
  • Improvement of copy technology of overseas manufacturers.
  • Increase in material/labor costs. Partner companies go out of business.(aging / layoffs)
  • Sluggish trend of Japanese brand
Voice of machine maker designer
  • It is designed by copying the specifications designed by others. I don't know how to use high efficiency or low noise.
  • Can not easily manufacturable design.
Voice of gear supplier
  • Why is it such a specification? The processing time is long, and the cutting tools are custom-made, which increases the cost.
  • If we make it according to the drawing, the delivery time will be extended.
  • Orders increased or decreased due to the economic of a particular industry is in trouble.
②The purpose of GeaReal.  For customer to be successful.
For Gear Suppliers
  • We support market development and manufacturing and quality support. We will develop low-cost, stable-quality gear production capacity.
For Machine Suppliers

Examples of Gears Manufacturing by GeaReal

These are examples of gears proposed by GeaReal.


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